IEEE ECE EEE 2014 Projects – with Live Project Experience and Trainee Offer Letter

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IEEE ECE EEE 2014 Projects – with Live Project Experience and Trainee Offer Letter

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  • Advanced Automatic Crash Notification using GSM Technology.
  • A Web-enabled distributed control application platform for industrial automation
  • Automated & Manual Guided Vehicles using Wireless Technology.
  • Implementation of Automated Train Ticket Transactor using Embedded System.
  • Intelligent Multi-storeyed Vehicle Parking System.
  • Proactive health care underpinned by embedded and mobile technologies for the realization of physiological sensing.
  • Intelligent digital mobile communications network for control of hospital equipment.(19)
  • A proposal of intelligent vehicle control system by predictive advanced Desktop Control Method (DCM).
  • Web Based Energy Meter
  • Real time implementation of Frequency Jammer for Mobile devices
  • Implementation of Traffic Control System through intensity measurement using Embedded System.
  • Person Detection and Identification in library room using GSM and Wireless Technology
  • Combined decentralized multi-destination dynamic routing and real-time traffic light control for congested traffic networks using wireless technology
  • ARM 32-Bit Processor Based Preemptive Multitasking
  • A secure web-based framework for electronic system level design by minimization of functionality and implementation of low-power Embedded Web Server.
  • Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C Bus) Protocol Implementation of Real Time Clock and 1-Wire Digital Technologies
  • Smart Telephone Design – a concept to integrate the services of telephone voice and web browser.
  • RTOS Scheduler Implementation in Hardware and Software for Real Time Applications.
  • A regression-based predictive model of student attendance by implementing wireless technology based on barcode system.
  • Implementing Task Scheduling and event handling in RTOS.
  • Design of Hardware lock for Software Developers to prevent piracy of software.
  • Control of Boiler Turbine unit based on fuzzy logic system
  • Real time Implementation of Network Enabled Electronic voting machine.
  • Industrial Power Plant monitoring and Control System by implementing SCADA.
  • A collision avoidance model based on wireless technology for the locality of movable modules.
  • Distributed Personal Authentication System (DPAS).
  • An operator interface for an intelligent robot based on sound detection system.
  • A control design for vehicle speed with multilevel using wireless communication technology (SDC).
  • Tsunami Alert System using UCOS RTOS
  • The implementation of intelligent integrated security and wireless communications systems using RFID
  • Prototype of RF Based Station Intimation / Coach Status Information and Control System
  • Message Communication between Microcontroller Peripherals using Wireless Technology
  • An Efficient Implementation of Multi-Prime RSA on Renesas Microcontroller


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