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Zealsoft Technology Solutions in the recent years have provided Inplant Training (IPT) and Industrial Training for various engineering college students on various Technologies.

Why IPT is important?

  • In Plant Training provides a real time exposure to engineering graduates.
  • To transform students theoretical knowledge to a practical approach.
  • To equip them with the practical implementations of the theories they have learnt.
  • Able to understand the difference between the theoretical and practical approach.
  • Industries are recruiting a practical knowledge students rather than bookworms.
  • IPTs serve as an advantage during job recruitments.
  • Soon, it will be mandatory to have an IPT certificate during the placements.
  • It is the best and easiest way to impress the interviewer.


Java, J2EE, Advanced J2EE

.Net Framework, VB.Net, ASP.Net, C#.Net, Web Services,

Image Processing and MATLAB

Product Development using Embedded Systems

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Contact: Siva

     Address: 24B/1, Soundarya Towers, 2nd floor, Kuruvikaran Salai,

Near Cinipriya Theater, Anna Nagar, Madurai 20.

Mobile: 9944974003    Tel: 0452-4210352.

Website:            Email:


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